District Announcements

School Safety Message

Please Complete Our Parent Survey!


It's time for our annual school survey.  We ask our teachers, parents, and students to help by completing survey made especially for each group.  Students and teachers have been given a link through the district's Clever program.  

Parents are asked to use the following link:   http://survey.5-essentials.org/florida/survey/parent/

Contact us at 329-0588 if you have any questions.

Have You Heard about AR Points? 

The deadline for the third nine weeks is in March!

ALL students are required to read for their Language Arts class.  Students must take and pass AR tests which is part of the overall grade in ELA.

Students in regular Language Arts classes are required to earn 10 points.

Students in Advanced Language Arts classes are required to earn 20 points.

Those who earn their points will not only earn a good grade in class but will also be invited to movies and other activities at the end of this nine weeks!  Read to be smarter and earn cool rewards.  Don't miss out!