AVID Visitors Highlight Careers in Putnam

AVID Visitors Highlight Careers in Putnam
Posted on 09/28/2018

Ms. Beth Barnett, veteran Language Arts teacher at JMS, has taken on a new challenge this year: AVID adviser, and she’s loving it!  AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a program designed to help students prepare for their future by providing the high expectations, access, and support students need to succeed in rigorous courses.  So far, there are three periods of AVID, but more students on the waiting list.

One reason AVID is so popular is because students are able to attend field trips and have special guests visit their classes thanks to Mrs. Barnett reaching out to our community.  Just recently, two leaders of the Putnam Chamber of Commerce visited AVID students. Ms. Dana Jones, President, and Mr. Brian Bergen, Vice President of Economic Development discussed career opportunities in Putnam. 

“JMS appreciates the support we are receiving from our community leaders,” stated Ms. Barnett. “We have some amazing kids, and I’m glad we are able to help them find out what job opportunities they’ll have if they are willing to get a good education.”

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